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Leave a comment with your surf/surfing blogs URL to be added or removed from this list. Every time you make a post it will be at the top of the list. It takes about 10 minutes from posting for your new post to appear here. You must have your RSS or Atom feed service switched on within the settings of the blog software.
Apologies for some blogs not showing up. Don't worry. It will show up eventually. When the google spider visits it sometimes misses your latest blogpost, but usually finds it in a day or two.
The main list is for individuals, amateurs and non profit making types. Commercial sites, or those without blogs welcome to be added as a link on the Right Hand Side menu links.
If you see your surf blog in the list at the bottom, then reset your syndication feeds. It seems to fix some blogs not showing up correctly. Also many of the links at the end of the list are mainly those that have not been actioned for a while. You can view them by clicking on them then remove "feeds/posts/default" from the name of the blog.
Reciprocal link appreciated.